About OCF

The Overseas Christian Fellowship was first set up in 1956, and today there are 18 centres across Australia in NSW, ACT, QLD, TAS, VIC, WA and SA. OCF is an interdenominational fellowship on campus led by international students. OCF is not a local church in itself but rather functions like a parachurch organization and an extension of the local churches. As a fellowship of Christian students, we as OCFers are committed to the Gospel.

Although activities may slightly differ in the various OCF centres, most centres run Bible studies on a weekly basis, and an annual camp within their states. Every year, we hold an OCF Australia Convention, which gathers OCFers from the 18 centres, and each year different states take turn in hosting and organizing convention.

The vision of OCF is taken from the Great Commission (Matthew 28:18-20):

To reach out to all overseas students in Australia, build them up to be Christ’s disciples, and send them back to their home countries as disciple-makers

This eternal purpose, declared in the Bible throughout the Old and New Testaments, is that all the peoples of the earth may know that He alone is God.